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Acid Detergents and Soaps

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material safety data sheet
written document that informs the user about the product

Product Name-
-Chemical composition, the active
Physico-chemical characteristic: pH, density, solubility, toxicity
-Biodegradability, danger, yield ...
Symbol of danger
-Rule and precaution storage
-Name and address of manufacturer
-Approval (= official recognition) of the Ministry of Agriculture
- "Food contact" = for the product could be used on surfaces in contact with foodstuffs

Effectiveness of a product

-Read the instructions for use included on the product data sheet
-Do not mix two products that may cause the neutralization of the product, the formation of gas or foam
-Use a product suitable pH
-Dilute the product properly
-Respect the contact time necessary to deliver effective
-Renew the diluted product to have a solution always clean
-Respect for the storage, keep product away from light, moisture.

Respect for the environment
Produt to-use dosage recommended by the manufacturer (not overdose)
-Check 'to purchase, the biodegradability of the product, to be 90%
-Use products or are affixed ecolabels (NF Environment ...)
Prefer-recyclable packaging or logo "Moebius strip is affixed (the green dot means seulemnt that the company has paid a contribution to eco-packaging contribution used to finance the organization of selective sorting)

-Store products in a room temperate, dry and ventilated, lockable
-Close the fluoride content to prevent the evaporation
-Classify products according to their use
-Let products in their original packaging

Category : Products - Material Safety Data Sheet

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