Interior wash of food tanker trucks

Do you transport food and need the tank interior to be washed impeccably? Are the traceability of the wash and HACCP standards essential? You can count on TEC Concept to install a truck wash station for food tanks.

TEC Concept manufactures modern wash stations to wash trucks & tankers inside and out that are designed for suitable working conditions. We provide you with a bespoke solution for the cleaning of any food tank in accordance with HACCP standards as well as kosher standards, if necessary. All at a reasonable cost. TEC Concept develops, installs and ensures the after-sales service of your tank interior wash station for the food sector. We manage your project from A to Z: building layout recommendations, project management, optimization of the operation of your truck wash station, as well as water treatment solutions that include recycling and energy recovery.

Steam washing of food tanks

High-pressure washing (between 70 and 120 bar) is performed using rotating washer heads. TEC Concept manufactures its own TEC washer heads compatible with every type of installation. These high-pressure washer heads suspended from balancers and goosenecks are introduced into the tank via the manholes. Boiler, steam generator, water softener, treatment of the outlet water… Each wash station is professionally manufactured and installed in accordance with industry practices. The tank cleaning itself is carried out in several stages, which can be adapted according to your specifications:

  • Selection of a wash procedure depending on the foodstuffs contained in the tank: liquids (olive oil, chocolate, milk, etc.) or powders(sugar, flour, etc.)
  • A station that works even in degraded mode: if a component fails, everything is designed to avoid a total shutdown
  • Emptying the contents of the previous transport for treatment and recycling
  • Automation of the wash program: pre-wash, preheating, washing, injection of detergents in accordance with HACCP standards, impregnation of the detergent, steam injection if required, rinsing, drying with specific air filtration, pH and TH output analyses

HACCP tank wash

You know it better than anyone else: washing the interior of a food tank must meet HACCP standards to avoid any contamination. TEC Concept is fully aware of this and guarantees a wash cycle that meets HACCP standards. At each wash, a single wash certificate is issued that details all the steps that have been performed. In a way, this certificate is the identity card of the wash – it guarantees the traceability. The traceability program offered by TEC Concept is installed at your site, with your database. Everything remains in your possession, nothing is delocalized.

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