Water treatment and wash station

Are you looking for an efficient solution to treat and recycle wastewater from your truck wash station? Then TEC Concept has the solution for you!

Before proposing a bespoke solution, TEC Concept will analyze three fundamental criteria: the type of vehicles to be washed, the imposed discharge standards, and the volume of water to be treated daily. We then use this basis to offer you a tanker water treatment plant that meets all your needs. What is the objective? To optimize the washing procedures and the management of the resulting waste. Wash station water treatment makes a positive contribution to the environment, so it’s a good thing!

How does a wastewater treatment and recycling station work?

To treat and recycle waste, a wastewater treatment station recovers the primary sewage (solid or liquid) and subjects it to a biological or physicochemical treatment or a combination of both. The wastewater then passes through a settling basin. Depending on the treatment of the waste, various processes are used to concentrate the sludge (filter press, filtering container, centrifuge, etc.) in order to reduce the amount of waste created and reduce its moisture content. Then all you have to do is call on a company that specializes in waste treatment to come collect the sludge. What else should you know? TEC Concept can also help you:

  • Recover the energy generated by the station
  • Manufacture and maintain your wash stations to wash the interior and exterior of food, chemical and industrial tanker trucks
  • Maintain the water treatment system
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