Special projects: Always a bespoke wash solution

Is your company looking for a solution for washing the interior of specific equipment, such as a refrigerated truck or a dumpster? Or perhaps steel machinery or nuclear racks? There is no doubt that TEC Concept will be able to provide you with a bespoke solution!

TEC Concept allows you to benefit from its expertise for your unique needs, proposing an effective manual, semi-automated or automated cleaning solution for special machinery and areas that are difficult to access. Here are some of the special projects we have already achieved:

  • Wash system to wash the interior of dumpsters
  • Wash system to wash the interior of refrigerated trucks using a robot: deployment of a telescopic arm and oscillating jets to clean the walls
  • Special tunnel wash machine
  • Cleaning of quarry bulldozers
  • Removal of slag from the walls of machinery in steel plants
  • High-pressure wash gantry for uranium racks (nuclear zone)
  • Cleaning of buses, trains, tanks, etc.

TEC Concept has more than 35 years of experience in the tank cleaning sector. Here are some other good reasons to entrust us with your special project:

  • Modern fleet of machinery
  • Network of loyal customers who have been using our solutions for many years
  • No standard product: every project is unique and made to measure
  • 15 years of experience manufacturing high-pressure washer heads
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