VIC detergents for truck wash stations

Are you looking for detergents for your tank interior or exterior bodywork wash station? Then look no further than TEC Concept’s VIC washing products, which provide excellent value for money.

TEC Concept has developed its own brand of detergents, VIC. There is a VIC detergent for every application. Most of our detergents are suitable for cleaning surfaces that come into contact with foodstuffs, such as foodstuff cisterns and tanks transported by trucks. Degreasing and acid soaps, pre-wash and rinse products, waxes, water treatment components: they all meet HACCP standards. And to prevent cross-contamination, most detergents for washing the exterior of trucks are also HACCP compliant.

Other advantages of TEC Concept’s VIC detergents:

  • Extensive inventory and fast delivery times
  • Guaranteed raw material traceability
  • MSDS supplied with each detergent
  • Packaging ranging from 20 to 1,000 liters
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