Wash station to wash the exterior of trucks (truck wash)

Are you looking for a high-performance truck wash station? You can count on TEC Concept’s 35 years of experience for a high-performance truck wash. Wash station, tunnel, arch or gantry: everything is always made to measure with high-quality components.

TEC Concept scrupulously respects your specifications and develops a bespoke truck wash for tanker trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks or special  trucks/machinery. We take into account energy savings and environmental issues: each installation can be equipped with systems to treat, recover, recycle and/or filter the wash water so it can be reused.

Three types of installation

  1. Manual wash station: with high-pressure lances, detergent line connected to high-pressure blocks. Possibility to supplement with a line of bodywork brushes and a high-pressure under-carriage wash system with rotating washer heads.
  2. “Viscos Fixe” stationary wash arch: This fully stainless steel arch is equipped with an automatic vehicle detection system that triggers the washing procedure. Detergents and high-pressure cleaning are automated. Possibility to add a high-pressure under-carriage, axle and wheels washing zone with TEC/ROTEC rotating washer heads.
  3. “Viscos Mobile” mobile gantry: for washing the entire exterior of trucks or special machinery that remains motionless. An oscillating high-pressure blade of water advances and thoroughly cleans the six sides of the vehicle. Possibility to equip the gantry with wash brushes (e.g. for sheeted trucks), manual high-pressure lances and an under-carriage, axle and wheels washing zone with rotating washer heads.

Why choose TEC Concept for your truck wash station?

  • The certainty of a scalable washing station
  • The expertise of a family-owned business with more than 35 years of experience in truck washes
  • Customer references and the opportunity to visit installations
  • Complete pre-assembly and testing of your wash station in our buildings
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