Manufacturing of standardized washer heads for the interior cleaning of tanker trucks

Washer heads play a major role in cleaning food tanks. You can count on TEC Concept’s expertise to offer you the right washer head. Our washer heads are compatible with every installation, even those of our competitors.

TEC Concept has been manufacturing high-pressure rotating washer heads for more than 15 years. These TEC/ROTEC washer heads are designed for quickly and intensively washing your food, chemical and industrial tanks. Indeed, the water pressure triggers the efficient rotation of the washer head. But what are the main advantages of the washer heads manufactured by TEC Concept?

  • Standardized washer heads: for any installation
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Designed for efficient and economical cleaning in terms of water and detergent consumption
  • Low maintenance
  • Long service life

Good to know: Our new range of TEC2017 (fully stainless steel) washer heads is perfectly suited for use in accordance with HACCP food standards.

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